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Our journey has been started sine 2015 after visiting bee farm with Carniolan honey bees in Slovenia. From then we spent a lot of time researching producing honey and did training on scientific and organic beekeeping.

Our activity was begun as a hobby with few hives. Still we are small apiary to offer high quality and organic honey. Our hives are located in different locations of Iran depending on availability of nectar and plant species which provide us with their own unique flavor of that specific area .

these tiny, buzzing creatures bring a lot of benefits to human life. Honeybees are critical part of the ecosystem by helping to pollinate flowers and plants in addition to convert flower nectar into honey. We have decided not to be against their mission to the world by serving its product in eco-friendly packaging such as reusable glass jar, recycled papers and string.

We are looking forward to taste our delicious honeys. Don't forget to join our Instagram where you can easily get updated about all new activity and products.

Save the Bees

How To Save The Bees ?

Helping to protect honeybees—which play a critical role in our agricultural system. These days we are seeing a sharp and astonishing decline in bee populations. Industrial agriculture methods, parasites, and climate change are killing off bees in droves. Without them, feeding the world’s growing population will be nearly impossible. The elimination of bee-harming chemicals from agriculture is a crucial and most-effective first step to protect the health of bee populations.

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Raw Honey , What does it mean?

Raw honey straightly comes from the hive. It is just strained to remove large particle of bee wax.

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Why instrumental Insemination of queen bees?

Instrumental insemination, I.I., is a proven and reliable method of controlled mating, providing an essential tool for honey bee research, bee breeding, and stock maintenance. The ability to control mating allows bee breeders to select stocks for economically valued traits and researchers to explore honey bee behavior and genetics.

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Buckfast Inseminated Queen

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Ligustica Inseminated Queen

Carniolan Inseminated Queen

Honey Bee Semen

Queen Bee Insemination Services


Small sustainable apiary in Iran to provide you with premium and organic raw honey. Be sure that our bees never treated with any chemicals and antibiotics

Bee&Mee receiving a premium price for a premium limited quantity product

100% Persian Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Unfiltered and Unpasteurized Raw Honey

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Fresh Frozen Pollen

Royal Jelly


For one jar of Bee&Mee honey

around 1153 worker bees flight 180.000km and feed from 4.5 million flowers.